Sitemap - 2021 - In Progress

What are your goals in 2022?

How Tim Perreira is building a life around health, purpose, and total freedom

When taking action isn't whats required (and might actually be harming you)

Action is the antidote

Stop comparing your current reality to your past

How Shreeraj Patel practices healthy living to drive results in all aspects of his life

Don't take a holiday from your health

How to stay active for life

Don't wait for 2022 to work on your health and fitness

How Laine Jubinville focuses on her health and well-being so she can better serve others

How to make hard decisions today that will influence your health for the better

You can try to figure out the entire path to improving your health, or you can do this

How to solve problems before they happen on your wellness journey

4 great quotes on failure, and why you need to start failing more on your wellness journey

How Justin Welsh simplifies his health routine to maximize his life

Highlight your bright spots

What to Do Before Following a Diet or Fitness Program

Don't feel ready to start eating better and exercising more? Try this...

How to integrate physical activity into your life

Sustainable lifestyle change starts with your identity

A note on overcoming procrastination

Start today

What do you require for success?

Stop exercising just to burn calories

One simple method to manage your emotions so you can make healthier choices

What to do when you can't seem to get your family on board the wellness train with you

Meal planning that doesn't suck

Focus on less to accomplish more

Don't let the season make you fall into bad habits

Your wellness problem isn't what you think it is

What to do when you're overthinking the lifestyle changes you want to make

2 traps we fall into during our wellness journey (and what to do to overcome them)

How to make your workout feel less like a chore

Is this really the best way to make a health and fitness goal?

The practice method that guarantees better results

Here's where change really happens, and what you can do to make consistent progress

When life gets crazy, use this technique to gain control over your habits

3 habit tips you need to hear to help you finally reach your goals

To those who want to get in better shape but can't seem to get started

How George Costanza would teach you to change your lifestyle habits

3 steps to building sustainable healthy habits

Breaking down beliefs

You can run

Empathizing with weight loss goals

What are you offering yourself and others this week?

A bit of catching up to do

It depends

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