Sitemap - 2020 - In Progress

Committing to self-compassion

Use this technique to encourage greater mindfulness

How to win your day, everyday

Recognize, release, refocus

A continuum of movement

Spend more time focusing on your breath

On daily intentions

Generating positive emotions

You are not the number on the scale

Life can suck, and that's okay

Confidence starts with compassion

The hidden power of pessimism

From grasping to relaxing

The July review

Don't aim at success

Breathe slow

How will you show your body respect today?

Finnish lessons to support your well-being

To simplify yields a richer result

Finding and leveraging your wellness champions

Why Celebrating Small Daily Wellness Wins Will Increase Your Productivity

Workplace wellness doesn't get enough actionable attention

3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Themselves Before Promoting Health Initiatives

Becoming healthy or less healthy

Your bodies purpose

Who are you going to support today?

Deep health model

3 tips for a better meditation session

5 reasons to read that have nothing to do with what you are actually reading about

Appreciate the action

Inner confidence as a way to stay focused

How I create more focus in my life

Let go of distraction, don't grasp for focus

Trapped by argumentative thoughts

Human first

A mentality of giving

Write it down

Living in accordance with our true nature

Productivity is about energy, not time

What to do before following a diet or fitness program


Lead with clear and heartfelt intention

How to read a book

A tough question for change

Complex beings

Respond because of inner-knowing

5 ways to enjoy the process of becoming healthier

What would happen if you didn't change?