Jan 13, 2022 • 2M

Your time problem is really a priority problem

Shifting your focus to energy and priorities in order to take healthy action

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Good time management is really priority management.

What we value and perceive as being important tends to fill our schedule.

Sometimes however, what we say we want and what we actually do becomes misaligned.

We say we value exercise and cooking healthy meals. Instead, our schedule fills with work, scrolling through social media, watching television, and looking up new things we want to buy (but most likely don’t need).

“I don’t have time to workout and eat healthy.”

In reality, this wasn’t about time at all.

It was about priorities.

You prioritized work.

You prioritized social media.

You prioritized Netflix.

You prioritized shopping.

You didn’t prioritize exercise or prepping some quick meals to access throughout the week.

Are these competing priorities bad? Absolutely not. I do all of them, and sometimes more to a fault.

The issue is when we skew more towards them and away from taking care of our health, and then blame something that isn’t really to blame.

The point is clear:

Don’t mistake a time problem with what’s actually a priority problem

This is why I personally prefer to approach tasks in terms of priorities and energy. I only have so much energy in a day, so I must prioritize where I direct it. This is in my control.

Focusing on time which is ever-passing and out of my control doesn’t do me any good.

The next thing to do is focus on what healthy actions add to your life, rather than what they take away.

Take exercise for example. Exercise benefits you by:

- increasing strength
- building endurance
- boosting energy
- fortifying your immunity
- increasing mobility and flexibility
- enhances mood
- boosts memory, creativity, and cognition
- builds confidence, self-esteem, and resilience
- and so much more

In the end, the upside is so much more than the cost of 30-60 minutes of effort each day.

How are you prioritizing your health and fitness today?

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