Jan 11 • 2M

Thoughts to consider this week

5 short musings for you to keep at the back of your mind

Paul Keefe
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People hustle for wealth at the expense of their health.

Only later to use that wealth to pay to get their health back.

Don’t be that person. Invest in your health now so you don’t pay the price later.

Embrace a challenge and you’ll flourish.

Embrace an excuse and you’ll languish.

You can believe you’re failing or you can believe you’re learning.

Change the belief to change the outcome.

Which do you choose?

Caring for your health and fitness shouldn’t be about validation.

You’re already fucking awesome.

It should be about developing the habits that allow you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Before you start the new diet

consider that the word “diet” is derived from the Greek, “diaita”

which means “a way of life.”

So, is your new way of life going to support your values and goals, and can you sustain it?